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Notes on the biology of bryophyte-fungal interactions, how to study them, and where to start.

Bryophilous Fungi

Images and descriptions of bryophilous fungi and their hosts.

Welcome to my website on bryophilous fungi! My aim is to share colour photographs and information about these fungi, to encourage bryologists and mycologists to keep an eye out for them, and to help anybody with an interest in studying them further to get started.

Here, under “Bryophilous Fungi“, you will find a list of mostly ascomycete taxa recorded in the British Isles (BI), as well as links to pages containing macro- and micro-photographs of the listed species. The individual species pages are being updated periodically to include improved images with annotations as well as descriptive information and similar species on listed host plants.

I also provide host indices to moss and liverwort hosts of the listed species as found in the British Isles. Note that there may be several other bryophytes not yet reported in BI, but in mainland Europe or elsewhere, that are likely to host fungi. I aim to list these in the individual species pages so that they are not overlooked.

Under the “Learning More” section of the site, I hope to include digestible chunks of (hopefully) useful information concerning the study of these fungi, from finding a specimen, through examining it, to storing the voucher.

Feedback, image contributions and any other information would be most welcome. I have annotated voucher specimens of the majority of the species shown here and more if anybody is interested in using the specimens for their research. Please get in touch.

Thanks and enjoy!

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